For andi

Listen I’m sorry you say you still have problems because of me but you have to move on andi. I promise you me and elena are in a much healthier spot because I’m not fucking around talking to girls doing drugs and all that shit. I’m clean besides weed and I’ve never been happier. Overtime with my grandpas death, you remember him , papa. My moms dad. He passed away and it was really hard for me and instead of turning to drugs I went to elena and my family. I want you to realize andi I’ve changed and just because I like pictures of girls dolled up doesn’t mean I’m a bad guy. I just think they look cute nothing else. I don’t peruse them or try to get to know them, I have a girlfriend. Again andi I’m sorry for putting you through shit but I know both of us have grown up and become better people then we used to be. Just think about it okay?


Grow up, like you told me

No one cares, even I don't.

Then stop asking andi and get off my tumblr lol you have no idea how much better I’ve been without drugs and shit in my life me and elena are very happy and I mean it


I was right about anonymous.

You're so gangster rich white boy from Indiana, where can I find swag like yours, south lake mall?

Your dick

Hey anonymous

Happy 4th of July!

You'd be so much better if you were real.

I know right

Whats your green of choice since you seem like an expert eh?

No expert just been smoking for a long time and right now I really like diesel and anything diesel. I just ran out of California diesel and meow I have some shit called mr nice guy.

Hey anonymous

Fuck you bitch, if I know who you are an who I think you’re just as worthless as dirt I piss on. I know you get train run on you and I’m lucky to have gotten you and gotten out before the shit got serious. Hahahahahahah a stupid hoe for real man you suck like a vaccum suhmuhdiii’ and btw I’m based

Bro Im Def Down To Rep The Clothing Line Heavy

Email me your address n shit imma send you some gaws stickers when I drop em soon

It says to ask something cool, I think not. You're a joke Alex morrow. You're just a boy, treating Elena like shit. Good job, welcome to boyhood and enjoy your ego.

Hmm thank you anonymous